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02-15-2011, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by Shard-Warrior View Post
I can understand your frustration, yet I would ask you why you don't join a fleet that runs these STFs on a regular basis? There are many, many fleets (and even individual players) out there who run these daily and are open to bringing non-members along. If you see someone with the complete set, ask if their fleet is looking for new people. Who knows? You might wind up making some new friends.
I may end up having to do that. I'm just kind of wary of joining a fleet. I have had a lot of experience with fleets/clans/guilds/gaming communities, some good, some bad, but the last clan I was in had some major drama that tore it apart after it had gone storng for a long time, and a lot happened with that drama, alot of feelings got hurt, and I kind of swore off clans after that, becaus I never wanted to deal with that level of drama in my life again. But, it seems that it may be neccessary if want my warp speed boost, so I guess I'll start looking for a decent clan. If anyone has a fun, helpful fleet that likes to run STF's, let me know.

Which you can easily obtain by finding a decent group of people to run "Infected" with.
The key is in finding a good group, which so far I haven't been successful at due to the random nature of PUGs.

Not to be rude and my apologies if it comes across as such, but reading this says to me that you would like some of the best gear in the game for little to no effort at all. I know this is not what you meant, but it does come across that way.
That's definitely not what I'm going for. I just like multiple the idea of having multiple, equal effort ways to obtain an item (in this case not an exact item, but another item with a warp speed bonus). So, it takes 3 painstaking hours of effort to complete Infected. How about about a crafting mission that takes 3 or 4 hours to complete. How about letting players collect emblems for a few days to buy an item with a warp speed boost (which in the end would take more time and effort than an STF if the emblem amount was high enough. That's what I want, more items with that extremely useful warp speed bonus, but not more ways to obtain the Assimilated Set, that should remain exclusive to players that put time and effort into STF's.

Think of it in terms of incentive. The Borg set is an incentive to get you to try the STFs. If you could craft them (or something equal), would you ever bother with the STFs?
Like I said above, the Assimilated set needs to stay exclusive to STFs. Players need an exclusive reward for completing STF's. But what about end game PvPers, what about end-game emblem collectors. Where's their exclusive set? Neither the emblem stores nor the high end PvP stores have any exclusive items. Why can't they by a unique set. IMO opinion, the way the system is set up, it's like Cryptic is saying that Raiders are better than everyone else so they get a special set with an exclusive bonus (admittedly they do have the Aegis set for end-game crafters, but that's only 2/4 end game branches being rewarded). Forget the end-game PvPers and emblem collectors, they aren't good enough to get exclusive sets, they can have some random purple Mk X's with nothing but some radom accuracy and citical hit bonuses. They don't need a cool set to reward the effort they've put into their respective branches. To me it feels like a slap in the face if you prefer emblem collecting or PvP.