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02-15-2011, 08:40 AM
What would be cool is more update and more reply!

Good, seriously, The #1 Guy himself posted and said what was up. This was basically, since Saturday and Sunday were FUBAR with this nomap queue stuff. Okay, it is the weekend....they did work hard to get the weekly series out and put some touches to the tribble build that went up last night.....and then they have their respective jobs.

So the 12th, 13, 14 and now today the 15th. Start of a 4th day of suffering through the only Endgame for most and it is bugged. You randomly get dropped from the server as a team, you get no-map possible, even get told to die by the server for the server yet 1 in 5 chances succeeds. While i don't mind playing in kerrat, it sucks that that is the only working PvP zone. With a Premade team build there isn't enough players to make private matches with either. So, PvP for a lot of us is broken and not playable.

So nearly 48 hours since Stahl posted the little update and nothing is fixed, no more explanation to the fix or about the issue is just bad and lacking. I dont tweet, I dont Mybook or Facespace......there is no Sticky for updates like there was for the server mishap on the first weekly episode!!!!!

I simply want input from the devs. I want reassurances. I can speculate that work is being done to fix it, but that is like asking your kid to take out the trash and then not checking on him or the garbage think it is being done, but do you really know if it is??!!