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02-15-2011, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by shikamaru317 View Post
I may end up having to do that. I'm just kind of wary of joining a fleet. I have had a lot of experience with fleets/clans/guilds/gaming communities, some good, some bad, but the last clan I was in had some major drama that tore it apart after it had gone storng for a long time, and a lot happened with that drama, alot of feelings got hurt, and I kind of swore off clans after that, becaus I never wanted to deal with that level of drama in my life again. But, it seems that it may be neccessary if want my warp speed boost, so I guess I'll start looking for a decent clan. If anyone has a fun, helpful fleet that likes to run STF's, let me know.
I could not agree with you more on this. Finding a good group that suits you can be a real chore and it truly is hit or miss. I'll PM you the info on the fleet I am in... perhaps you might like to join. All the STFs are run regularly - at least a few times a week. Even if you decide you might not want to join, it is always good to know a few players familiar with how to run these and have them on a friends list.

That's definitely not what I'm going for. I just like multiple the idea of having multiple, equal effort ways to obtain an item (in this case not an exact item, but another item with a warp speed bonus).
I know what you meant.