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02-15-2011, 10:51 AM
I'm not writing a report so I'm honestly not going to bother with super specific "work cited" stuff. Those were always the thing I hated doing the most in my classes...

And we all already know what NX means. Why make THAT the discussion?
Usually the first ship of a class had NX (sometimes in soft canon that would be changed to NCC once it stopped being considered experimental which would make sense since we see other first ships us NCC). Yes, the first ship is often the experimental one.

You see it on ships like the Defiant and Prometheus. Blablabla... sources not cited (oh noes!).

Now that we all agree on that lets get back to the Defiant. I think in game it should be "A". At the highest "B" if the second Defiant of the Defiant-class was destroyed.

Usually I'm all for canon but I like pretending the second Defiant was registered properly since it was just an expense thing...