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02-15-2011, 11:12 AM
I see your point about having multiple layers to an item. But Cryptic hasn't figured out how to do this... they add content on a very linear plain. (which makes for a very linear game)I am sure that some day they will have something like this... speed boosts, craftable warp engines with a speed boost, etc. But as for right now I agree with many of the other people... join a good PvE fleet. Most fleets run Infected in 45 min- 1 hr The Cure in 1 hr 30min - 2 hrs and Khitomer in 1 - 2 hrs. It shouldn't take you 6 hrs. so in truth they are very manegable.... (when the bug was out where you got 2 sets for doing RA and VA at the same time, me and my fleet mates went through all of them in 4 hrs ) so yeah grab a fleet and take ur game to the next lvl