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No they arent, thats the Romulans your thinking of. Actually there were scaling problems in the movies where the Bops were first seen, that ended up with several bops of various sizes.

By the way use of the d7's for the romulans in TOS was due to lack of multiple models of the Rom Bird of Prey. Wanna guess why the Klingon Bird of Prey's in the movies had feather like details on the "wings"? If you guess repurposed Model of updated Romulan Bird of Preys for the cancelled Star Trek tv show that became "Star Trek the Motion Picture", you win.

As originally conceived, the Klingon variant of the Bird-of-Prey was actually a Romulan ship; the script of Star Trek III at first called for the film's main villains to be Romulans using a Romulan Bird-of-Prey
In other early drafts of the movie's script, the Bird-of-Prey was suggested as having been stolen, by the ship's Klingon commander, from the Romulans. Later script revisions dropped the ship's connection to the Romulans but the craft's designation as a Bird-of-Prey remained unchanged.
Until "Enterprise" the Bird of Prey remained the only Klingon ship with ties to predatory avians. The Negh'var and Vor'cha both had vague feather patterns on their wings, but with no where near the detail as the Birds of Prey, and could be easily said to be banner patterns. During Ent, "Raptors" were introduced, firmly ensconcing birds into the character of the Klingon race.

Several books attempted to create a link between the Romulans and Klingons by asserting that, previous to the Romulans acquiring D7s, they did not have warp technology; instead they traded their cloaking technology for several Klingon D7s in order to acquire warp technology.