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I haven't looked at the other ships but the tactical escort pictures are broken.

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Credit to -Jes- for the initial effort, the first section is a direct quote:

Please utilise (pictures) and (pages) when submitting info to help keep the bloat down on the front page posts.

  • Ship part registries are glitchy, can replace NCC number with 987098709870:
  • Beam weapons: The TOS Constitution's phaser banks prove that we do not need hugely fat beams to represent our weapons fire. Can the other beams be narrowed to be more like the TOS Connie's beams?
  • Banks instead of strips: The Miranda and Constitution are firing out of non-canonical phaser strips instead of the banks that remained standard on them long into the NG era. (See pics below in the appropriate section.)

Tier 0

Centaur has windows and escape pods on Impulse Engines

Canon Inconsistencies:
  • Constitution:
    • Reference Aft hull and ventral saucer sensor domes not lit on in game model.
    • Windows on nacelle pylons in incorrect location.
    • Windows on in game model do not match canon
  • Miranda: Studio model shots
    • Saucer front has two window lines, not one, aft windowing also incorrect
    • Phaser strips should be removed and replaced with standard emitter banks.
  • NX-01Replica:
Tier 1

Tier 2

  • Heavy Escort:
    • Oslo strut does not attach well to the Zephyr nacelle, causing the nacelle to clip with the saucers
    • Oslo: Rear turrets all firing from port hardpoint
    • Oslo, and Zephyr are missing shuttle bays and phaser strips are wrong or missing
    Canon Inconsistencies:

    Steamrunner / Zephyr
    • Unnecessary vertical pylons on rear hull (block between nacelles) (1)
    • Rear hull supposed to house Deflector (2)
    • Nacelles not integrated into Saucer (3)
    • Gap on Saucer front too wide (4)
    • Saucer front too spherical.
    Akira: side by sides

    The following is a partial list. View the full list of errors HERE
    1. Special torpedoes seem to be firing from everywhere BUT the dorsal torpedo nacelle. Tricobalt cluster torps seem to launch from the bow and heavy plasmas / rear torpedoes launch from somewhere beneath the ship.
    2. The dorsal phaser arrays do not extend far enough around the saucer, the ventral phaser arrays are broken up into four strips, two along the darkened indentations between the rim and the bulge and two much smaller ones are on either side of the weapon pimple.
    3. Missing Starfleet decals from ventral saucer bulge
    4. Dorsal hull decals missing the ship registry
    5. Aft shuttle bays 1 & 2 are too small; the doors are the incorrect shape and are not numbered
    6. Central shuttle bay / Cargo doors missing.
    7. There is a little nodule jutting out beneath the landing platform at the aft of the saucer that should not be there.

  • Research Science Vessel:
    Canon Inconsistencies:

    Olympic: Studio model shots
  • Heavy Cruiser:
    • Lower nacelles do not glow or flash during warp out sequence.

    • It has been stated that it seems to have a lot of shuttle bay textures all over it

Tier 3