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Originally Posted by Ooiue View Post
I am going to disagree (despite being a huge KDF fan)

basically, here's my sum:-

Klingons + Shuttles = No

in other words, klingons prefer ships like the BoP over shuttlecraft as when was the last time you saw a Klingon shuttle in the series? as much as it would make it fair, Klingons simply dont use shuttles. i admit, i hated using my KDF shuttle but loved using the Fed shuttle (i used Delta Flyer) in the first romulan weekly simply because my Klingon ship looks awesome already and the KDF shuttle looks like a federation worker bee from shipyards and starbases. feds use shuttles because they dont build small enough starships whereas KDF do build big ships, but most are medium to small sizes whereas Feds use medium to big sizes. KDF cant use shuttles because they already have a load of small ships. AND feds use shuttles because they dont ant to land their big massive starships as they are built for space travel, as is the Defiant but the BoP's are build for landing as well (hence wing animations on the game and in series).

the only use for KDF shuttles is to simply have them to use as im sure a lot of KDF officers would use ships rather than shuttles and feds wouldnt mind using shuttles.

so basically, KDF dont need shuttles as they use small ships already whereas the feds use big ships and need the shuttles

(sry if that seems all cramped together btw )
The Toron class shuttle is canon.

Enough said.