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02-15-2011, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by TrekTheStars
They get 5 shuttles, 2 of them get 2 BO slots. Plus...they already had the Runabout with uni. BO and I think it comes with tractor beam. We get 2. I'd be fine paying 400 Cryptic Points for a unique Klingon style fighter. In my post made earlier I suggested one with ship skins for all the playable species to make up for less shuttles.
I agree, it would be nice. But we're Klingons. We have to be patient because unfortunately we're always going to be an afterthought. They'll never build our stuff first and then tell the Feds they have to wait. I mean, look at our ship list and then look at how the Feds are still getting new ships added to theirs.