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02-15-2011, 01:57 PM
They really need to do something to spice up the in-ship action.

It should be put more on the forward burner. I bet you about 60% of people who log on expecting to play a Star Trek game, one of the first things they'll notice, and be disappointed by, will be the lack of iconic in-ship stuff happening.

I mean, good Lord, how many episodes have we seen with in-ship stories, or parts of stories told in-ship? Everything from seeing the Counsellor, to engineering breakdowns, to breakdowns caused by alien weirdness, to trouble with Tribbles, to holodeck shenanigans (whole sub-game there, you could have one of those episodes in period costumes), to in-ship plagues, to general soap opera stuff ...

I wouldn't expect in-ship combat any time soon, nor multiplayer as officers on one ship (although I'd hope that would be a looooong term plan), because I can see how that's going to be incredibly difficult; but just more stuff to do in-ship.

Come on, if it's a mission map, let's have some bloody missions in it!!!