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02-15-2011, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by Pikoy
I just got this ship and am experimenting with different set ups.

I'd like to see a few of yours.

Weapons. BoFF powers ect.
I haven't really PvP'd much with her, so this is basically a PvE build

Weapons Fore 2x Dual Phaser Banks, 1x Plasma torp
Weapons Aft 2x Phaser Array, 1 x Plasma torp (sometimes I change out for Breen Transphasic cluster torp)
Aegis set

Tac: Ensign: HYT 1, Lt. Beam Overload II
Eng: Ensign: EPtS 1, Lt. Eng Team II, Lt. Cmdr. RSP II
Sci 1: Ensign: I switch this one out a lot, right now I was doing breen stuff so Polarize Hull is in there, I also use TSS I, and Tac Beam I.
Sci 2: Ensign: Sci Team I, Phontonic Officer I
Sci 3: Ensign: Tac Beam I, TSS II, Feedback Pulse II, Gravity Well III