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02-15-2011, 02:26 PM
Hi Cerritouru,
Please give 3rd Fleet a look. Our fleet is an international fleet with French, English and German divisions (sadly not a Spanish division .... Yet ...). But the benefit is that this does mean that we tend to have people in-game almost 24/7 so you should have lots of company. It also means that we are more than comfortable with less than perfect english. Even those of us with english as their first language have bad days LOL.

We have regular scheduled events and RP and a group who enjoy PVP so now worries there. We also have a TS3 server (which comes in to it's own during STF's). We also do a lot of ad hoc missions.

If this all sounds like what you are looking for check out or our vid on
Hopefully we'll see you around for some 3rd Fleet fun!