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02-15-2011, 03:13 PM
Hi Compston,

Please take a look at 3rd Fleet and see if we align to your requirements. I think we could be a decent match.

So to tackle your email:
A little RP - tick - we do that
We do have a uniform but feel the rules are fairly relaxed and the uniforms are fairly canon in nature.
You will certainly encounter no issues in playing whichever character you please. We don't require you to join all of your alts and we certainly do not mandate who plays what ans when. I'm often flitting between mine!
Nor do we restrict on customising ships (although if we like yours we might ask lots of questions about combinations used LOL
We do have an application form (necessary evil we feel) but I really don't think it's too bad. Mostly it just asking questions that allow us to better understand our membership (ie your time zone, your interests iro PVP and RP). This form will be followed by 2 or 3 random "getting to know you" questions.

We are certainly friendly and have a rare mix of membership ranging from folk who can't get online that often to others who are always on. Everyone gets that real life happens. We also don't have restrictions on rank and have some out and out newbies so you should't be phased by seemingly obvious questions.
Since you are on for many hours you will hopefully enjoy the fact that we are international and thus have people on almost 24/7.

We also organise missions and STFs and have a group of people interested in PVP should you wish to dabble.

I hope you feel that 3rd fleet is the place for you you can find us at or our vid on