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02-15-2011, 05:11 PM
If you really want to try that with STO, you can.
- Invite your friends over with their computers.
- Designate a primary computer with a big screen that runs STO. Make sure your "crew" see the screen.
- Make a LAN.
- Set up 5 different workstation UIs with my little app. Then launch 5 servers with the corresponting UI on the primary STO computer.
- Start 5 clients in the other computers.

After that your friends will be able to control the primary STO client. One of them may steer the ship, the other activate tactical powers and firing, the third may activate engineering powers the 4th do science. And finally someone will be the captain.
The end results would be hilarious I think. Heck, I would even add some kind of a minigame thingy into the app just to see that.