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02-15-2011, 07:44 PM
My Favorites:
  • Romulan Mining Colony "Mine Enemy"
  • Drozana Station "What Lies Beneath"
  • The Vault Space Interior Map "The Vault"
  • Defera Capital "Cold Call"
  • Some TOS interior, like "Everything Old is New Again"

Originally Posted by captain_quack
after fleet owned star bases somehow make the defendable. not that you lose them when destroyed just damaged with penalties like when you play your character on elite or advanced. use your crafting skills and money to fix it. would be awesome it would give all members a purpose in fleet.

as for open pvp i think it would create contravarsay. i seen one person suggest a on and off switch in open pvp. interesting idea. i do think that the klingons still need to be nerfed more. whats up with them launching 3 x as many fighters as before the fix?
Ummm... none of those are Featured Episode maps.