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02-15-2011, 09:08 PM
"No short terms srry"

Mid terms:
1: New modifable weapons. I.E. When crafting ability to increase the attack power based on science level.
Limit based on weapons level Mk1 2.5-20. also depending on weapon type.
2:More ship damage. I.E. Phaser burns. Holes from Torpeados. Kinda tired of just engine damage. Also allow it to be more permant. Hull intergrity/hull plating.
3: Hull intergrity sepreated from hull plating basicly armor. allow the intergrity to be hp but allow the plating to be damage over time. Increasing damage to the ship the low your plating. Which is repairable by docking.
Armor and intergrity are two different things the intergrity can be repair to allow a ship to stablize itself. The plating is alittle harder and would require outside ship repair which is not doable in combat or travel.
Long Term:
1:Ability VS. Skills. Abilities should be based on race. Skills is something everyone can do. Abilites should also be modifiable along with skill. 3 abilities that affect phyiscal traits and skills. And two abilities that can replace offensive and defensive abilities. Such as psy shields that replace personal and can be upgraded to handle more damage. Offensive like berserk to increase damage and allow more knock back chances. Like 3 knockbacks before enemy becomes immune.
2:Turning galaxy map into a usable map I.E. I could click on Deferis section of the galaxy map and bring it up like a normal sector map and warp to. And please I beg of you remove that do you wish to warp thing. It's so annoying now.
3:Allow the player to diable ships/Ground units in PvE/PvP/Solo missions so you do not have to constanly be consider a combat unit. PvP disable is a 1min respawn time allowing the other player to board ship. And ability to board enemy PvE ships to take wanted weapon/Items. Also allow disable ground units to be beamed to sick bay then Jail.
4:Allow a player to use different parts of other weapons/shield/ships to create a new item. Prob acceptable craft skill above 2k. You decided.
5:Ability to use replicatiors on ship and starbases. This goes with it/// Allow the player to actually sit or lay in more areas then a captians chair.
6:Allow a player to access computer basicly a small window. Library for the ship. And hacking for enemies. using tech that allows the ability to hack and let the player mess with it.
7:Tricoder codex reading. A window that maps the area out up to so many meters showing items/missions/enemies. Also allow Tricoder scan to study plants, enemy weapons, and viable metals. In a little window giving a small report not a detailed that would require a ships study system.
8:keep the finding in space of craft items. But allow planet mining for required items. Goes with tricoder and ability to beam down to planets freely.
9: More planet maps and the ability to choose beaming location from bridge or tatical view.

That it for now if I think of anything else I'll drag my crazy mind back. Thank you.

Edit mid term:
Shield coloring for the ships. Instead of just bluish white why not different color pixels for the shield?