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02-15-2011, 10:09 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
Ok, so, aside from a Dabo Table (That's a given) what else would you all like to be able to see at The Captain's Table? Lay it on me!
Ok, you asked for it:

First off, keep the Aenigma Nebula but make it spawn at different sector locations that are open to both Fed and Kling factions (i.e. Orellius, Psi Velorum, Eta Eridani, Gamma Orianis, etc) every 24 hour interval. Since the nebula is a space/time anomaly it would make sense and give it some mystery.

For those who've spent the money for Lifetime Subs, give them transwarp capability to the Captain's Table.

Inside the station do this:

1) BO vendor (sells Blue and Purple level BO's for a reasonable amount of EC)
2) BO skill trainer (trains new skills not currently in-game to BO's) (can only learn these skills at C.T.)
3) A club similar to Club 47 at ESD.

As mentioned by other forum members, add:

1) Library Computer that would include: ship schematics, timeline (to 2409), crafting requirements, etc.
2) Canon (guest) captains that may just stand around or may have some interaction. (i.e. Kirk, Sisko, etc.)
3) Holodecks with continuously running programs of Vic's Lounge (DS9) and Fairhaven (VOY)
4) Usable Offices for R.A. level and up.