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02-15-2011, 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainSterling
1) BO vendor (sells Blue and Purple level BO's for a reasonable amount of EC)
Yes, this is good, doesn't really affect gameplay balance because you can get rare/very rare BOs through leveling, exchange, or this hypothetical CT store. Increases availability without drastically affecting gameplay balance.

Originally Posted by CaptainSterling
2) BO skill trainer (trains new skills not currently in-game to BO's) (can only learn these skills at C.T.)
This, however, is a major issue because people who don't have access to CT won't have access to these "exclusive" skills. If the skills are even slightly better than any normally-available skill then players who have been playing for a long time (or ponied up for LTS) will be at a major advantage in PVP against players who just started yesterday.