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02-15-2011, 09:53 PM
Originally Posted by maina View Post
Wow 6 posts not related to his question.....

To OP, problems aside since I don't PvP, my D'Kyr worked as a tricol bomber build. Was fun the last few days. Otherwise I'd go to the specific forum sections for advice (science and science ships) to avoid this kinda off topic discussion that doesn't help you a bit.
Thanks for looking out for me. But really it is okay. I also find the clothing discussion interesting and I am pretty easy going on forum etiquette. Not much really bothers me.

Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
Off Duty robes would but they're not selectable.
I so wish this was possible.

Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
(TL;DR version is that the D'Kyr is the DSSV with more healing form the shuttle pet - so builds that work for DSSV should work for D'Kyr. In fact, the D'kyr uses the DSSV T5 skill too).

These are interesting threads on D'Kyr builds:
Thanks so much for you information. As always Darren you are an asset to this community.