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# 1 varying ships moving forward
02-15-2011, 10:10 PM
Since so many ships seem to be coming out with no end in sight to the new ships they are introducing, such as all the klingon faction vessels, fed, and now the d'kyr, soon they will run out of ways to make ships different.

What would be wrong with changing the current Bo formula of CMDR, LTCMDR. LTx2, ENSIGN (5 in all)

something like... for example a tactical ship: Commander Tac. Commander ENG. Ensign SCI.

or Eng ship: Commander ENG, Commander SCI, Lt TAC

specialized ships so to speak.

or 5 Commander bridge stations, but no 'console' slots.

These are just some suggestions to provoke though, because it seems to me that currently there cant be much variation left in the current formula, sure they can change a console here, and an ensign power there, but how much different is it really?