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02-15-2011, 10:30 PM
id like to be able to retrofit my defiant to my style exactly, they could probably come up with a system whereby it works off of allocation construction points.

You start with 100 construction points and the empty hull of the starship. It comes with only the weapon, engine, shield, deflector space. No console slots yet, or bridge stations.

Then adding stuff to your hull; say a Commander level Bridge station = -15 points from your construction point pool. Adding a engineering console slot might = -5

So the more important thing you add to the configuration or the hull of your ship the more points it takes, so if you add a whole bunch of fancy stuff, your left without a whole bunch of other stuff.

Might be easy for them to do using current tier 5 as a guide line. Divide 100 points but 5 bridge officer stations and the 8 console slots most tier 5's have, thats 100/13. So on average each thing added to the hull = 7.3 points.

Now go through the list and see which should be worth more than others, certainly a bridge commander slot should be worth alot, so put it at 35-50 point cost. If you spend all your points on two commander slots, you have no construction points left to install console slots.