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02-16-2011, 12:03 AM
Originally Posted by StormShade
Ok, so, aside from a Dabo Table (That's a given) what else would you all like to be able to see at The Captain's Table? Lay it on me!
I'd like to see...
  1. The ability to go there from anywhere, like a transwarp button, with the ability to return to where I was previously.
  2. A really useful seller. The ferengi that was there the last time I visited, had pretty slim pickings of mostly low level stuff (come-on.. why does a lifetime or long-time member need yet another vendor selling MK2 items, when SB01 is actually easier to get to?) How about giving us the descendant of Harcourt Fenton Mudd? He's a Captain too.
  3. A "Choose your ship" guy... especially useful when combined with the transwarp power. "I'm in the furthest sector from Earth, and I've met up with a group that wants to do a great fleet action?.. I really need my heavy cruiser for this." Pop to CT, change ships, pop back.
  4. RARE FOODS AT THE BAR. Feel free to make them expensive.. or even (shudder) bound. But really, we're at the most exotic bar in the game.. how about some Heart of Targ, Tranya and Romulan Ale?
  5. Dabo and other mini-games.. for sure. That whole room off to the left could be a casino area.
  6. Crafting? Discounted schematics? And perhaps a base supply vendor that DOESN'T charge a markup for crafting base supplies, like the ones at Memory Alpha do.
  7. How about some aliens? I know that there's a lot of "key players" among the NPC's of the game.. but how about a Devidian drinking at the bar, and some other characters we haven't met yet? Maybe some characters we never WILL meet.
  8. Speaking of NPCs.. mix up the Character NPC's a bit. Make a pool of available NPCs, and select from them randomly.. don't show them ALL at once.. maybe this visit, Admiral Quinn will be there, maybe next time it will be T'Nae or Sulu.. and make it somehow be the same on all instances. and if they're there.. let us interact with them the same as we could in the real universe. Let us get missions from them, or turn them in if they HAPPEN to be there when we're there. Sure, I guess we could use our "contact T'Nae" button on the minimap cluster to "Call" the real T'Nae to turn in a mission... but c'mon she's standing right in front of me. Heck, maybe layer on a little extra XP or one of those various emblems or something if we manage to turn in a mission to her in person while she's at the Captain's Table.

This place is supposed to be a perk.. a reward for lifetime-subbing to the game, or being a loyal subscriber for an extended period. Right now it's a neat place, I guess.. but it's just that.. a place. Nothing inside is unique, nothing actually rewards the player who gains access to it. Having the Captain's Table be an unlock for people who have spent months trying to track down the top level foods to breed their last 3 tribbles... giving them a small advantage in the game (functionally the ability to quick-change ships). Toss in a way to repair ship damage and crew injuries.. and it's like the wormhole that the Enterprise C used to re-load and refuel in the crucial moments of the battle of Narendra III.