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02-16-2011, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by gurugeorge View Post
They really need to do something to spice up the in-ship action.

It should be put more on the forward burner. I bet you about 60% of people who log on expecting to play a Star Trek game, one of the first things they'll notice, and be disappointed by, will be the lack of iconic in-ship stuff happening.
I was too very disapointed when ship Interiors came out and there was literary nothig to do there, as it is still now. Except for the ready room where you can select a mission to repeat.

Originally Posted by MightionNY View Post
I thought as much... it just seems so simple to me... just load the backdrop of the last "Map" you were in, and use that in place of the generic starfield seen on the crew deck.
Thats what i have been thinking when i was reading this thread, i think it wouldn't be too hard to remember where you where previously and load a proper backdrop for the windows.

For example, when you are in sector space traveling at warp 7, and then change to ship interior, i want to see something like a starfield simulator on the bridge main screen reflecting the speed at which my ship is traveling right now. (Something primitive like Windows starfield screen saver thats been already around for about a hundred years or so , cannot be so hard to implement.)

Thank you for reading.