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02-16-2011, 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Interesting! I am looking forward to that serious analysing.

An interesting side-point here is - turn rates and engines. I think that relation isn't quite clear either.

From my experience no ship ever seems to have its supposed to turn rate displayed - regardless of power settings or skill training involved. Impulse Engines always seem to add something to the turn rate, but how do they do so?

Maybe testing with different ships and different engines you'll also find out this. (Personally I hope for charts. And Pie!)
Tbh I don't know if I got the personal gumption for charts... I don't have ready access at the moment to enough respecs to be able to spec out of my power level enhancers and back again. My alt might later, at which point I could get some good clean data.

It's slightly complicated though because there are minor fluctuations in the maximum speed, apparently related to speed dropping ever so slightly in turns and not all the way coming back sometimes.

Turn rates, however...I don't know if they're different on different engine types, I haven't checked that.

You can however access your turn rate 'stat', it's on one of the tabs for your ship's info, but like many of them, is only accurate when you're on a space map that isn't sector space(your skills aren't applied in sector space or on the ground). To my knowledge, they don't vary between engine types, but I can check that one real quickly here in a minute.