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02-16-2011, 05:59 AM
Originally Posted by Zypher2011
Looking good, I can see the Star Trek community making gaming history with what Cryptic are going to build and it will be more positive for Cryptic, Atari and STO than a lot of people guess.

I honestly think Foundry and the missions created on it will raise a new bar in terms of any UGC software success, if that makes sense!
I completely agree. The Foundry is a wonderful tool in theory, and through the beta and the continuing development it is shaping up to be a wonderful tool in practise. As development continues and certain aspects become a bit less limited, we can let our imaginations run wild.

All my life I've wanted to be able to play in the Star Trek universe as a writer rather than a viewer, with the Star Trek characters and locations and ships and technology as toys that I could arrange as I saw fit. And now I can! With the Foundry it's not just words on a fanfic webpage either, it's animated and alive, full-colour, three-dimensional, with beautifully illustrated visuals and immersive sound effects. As good as a TV episode, and perhaps even better - because it's interactive, the audience of my story will be participants rather than just viewers. It's a dream come true. I feel like I own a holodeck.

I'm very happy that the Foundry exists, and that it's allowing us budding authors to do more and more as it continues to be developed. There's every chance I'll be playing on the Foundry just as much as I play on STO itself, because I love creating.

Thank you for the Foundry, devs. Best Star Trek toy ever.