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02-16-2011, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
I don't think they do, to be honest. IME, most character generation systems that are point-based have severe abusal potential.

It's better if there are are some "base packages" you can customize somewhat.

For example, if you pick "Cruiser Package", you get a low turn rate ship that _must_ have a Commander in Engineering and 4 Engineering Consoles, and at Tier 5, you need a mimum of 2 consoles from each class, and you need at least a Lt. (or higher) from every class. You might be able to reshape some BO slots to be "universal", but that comes at a cost.

Not all combinations of Bridge officers, Turn Rate and Hull Points are balanced against each other.
A major power advantage of the Bird of Prey is its flexibility in BOs - but it prays a hefty price for that, in form of shields and hulls. In a free-form construction system, you could build any combination the BoP could do - and minimize the disadvantages. Maybe you don't need a turn rate of 23 or whatever the BoP currently has - a turn rate of 16 might be sufficient to you, as long as you can get that combination of Commander Tactical and Lt.Cmdr Science... And who needs Battle Cloak if he can get the decent hull and shield rating of an Escort instead? Or even Cloak, and instead get yourself a snazzy Engineering Console for more power? Who needs science consoles these days anyway? more Engineering and Tactical consoles is what you want!
Cryptic has to have some internal ship design guidelines. Otherwise, whenever they put out a new ship they're basically hoping / praying that it won't unbalance things. That seems extremely inefficient. Of course, I know nothing of game design so...

If this system ever came out, I would assume that steps would be taken to prevent gross abuse. The options would need to be weighted against each other. Using this, you should be able to come up with any ship currently in-game, and some that aren't. Instead of ship packages I was thinking you would choose hull size (from shuttle to star cruiser), have minimum slot requirements (at least one fore weapon slot, must have deflector, impulse, shield slots, etc.), and so on. I think faction-only options like battle cloak, ablative armor and universal BO stations should stay faction-only.

At worst, this could be a useful Foundry tool. You could create your own time-travel missions, complete with new ships for players to fly.