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02-16-2011, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
I'm not sure if this helps, but in my time studying how weapons work I figured out that things didn't work like I expected. The reason being, is that I expected that weapon damage would be determined like this:

Base Weapon Damage * Mark * Skill

But it was actually:

Base + (Base/10 * Mark) + (Base/100 * Skill).

In other words, rather than all being multiplied together, there were three distinct parts which were added together. You get the exact same skill bonus whether you use a Mark I or a Mark XII, which was totally unexpected to me.

So, it's possible the actual equation for engines follows something similar and it isn't just a straight multiplication of all factors. Anyway, I'm just throwing this out there, and maybe it won't be any help.
Well the formula from engines cannae take it is very, very, very close, and seems to be factoring the skill in properly... but even with the skills removed it's not...quite right. Not helped by the rounding on the tooltips.

But in my data there's some evidence of a completely missing factor, which also suggests 75 power as being some sort of important baseline in the formula somewhere, but doesn't yet make it clear just how that works.

There's also glaring evidence that the 'engine base speed' isn't just based on the mark level of the engine, but on the shiptype it's being put on as well...and isn't obviously related to the impulse modifier.

The part that seems to be wrong actually seems to primarily be that the 'fspd' variable is actually much much more complex, being a mini formula itself instead of just a number. And like I said, there's a hint of something being off with the power section too, but only very slightly.