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02-16-2011, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by Samanth0r
Please just do us all a favour and attend a first year philosophy class.
You'll feel better and I don't have to get frustrated.
On a scale of 10, you get 10 points for advice and you get 3 points for counterproductive.

I hate to boast but first year philosophy class did wonders for me, and even going as far to taking metaphysics and psychology classes. Me Feel better? I'm fine. What's not to feel better about? I don't think you have to get frustrated over this.

Originally Posted by Acceleron
If the fact wasn't proven, accepted or true then it would just be a theory...wouldn't it?
If there's no fact present, it's just a speculation. A theory is a proposed explaination of empirical phenomena (some facts are present), and yet again something that is subjective. Speculation is based on the conclusion of opinion reached by contemplation. A fact needs not to be proven, it exists or present in reality. Basically, a fact is seen visually and is something that is vertified.

Factually speaking, quantum slipstream drive is acquired by reaching level 51 (Vice Admiral 1 in Starfleet). In my abstain opinion, the way to get quantum slipstream drive is to reach level 5 is neither the best nor the worse.