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02-16-2011, 04:46 PM
When it was only an in-game matter, and not purchaseable by energy credits, I would have said no. Earn the 30,000 merits/honor and take respecs as mana from heaven. Once they started charging real cash for respecs, it brings a closer look at their ethics. All of a sudden, the repsec has real world value. When they swing the nerf bat around ,,,no matter what the reason, it MUST be examined from an ethical standpoint. Is this a ploy to boost quarterly profits? The problem with introducing an ethical viewpoint on their actions is that peoples opinion will vary wildly. While it was JUST IN GAME, there was no confusion.

Now, I think any swing of the nerf bat that breaks a build should get a respec, just to maintain the ethical high ground and avoid any appearance of bad company behavior.