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02-16-2011, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by greenking
Don't get me wrong, I heart my carrier but the klings have spam a lot with several of their ships. Fedies are fairly spam free.

Won't you ahve to complete the mission for everytime you want to launch the fighters?
Karfi doesn't spam. The Maurader can spawn 5 fighters once every 3 min max with a max of 5 fighters out at one time. Only the Varanus can really spam....and they are shieldless weak things. So what do you mean "klings have spam a lot with several of their ships."?

Last I checked the device has 20 uses, each use consumes 1 charge but spawns 5 fighters. You can only have one device at a time, but it lasts a while if you only use it when you need to.

Originally Posted by Vulcan.Skon View Post
And unfortunately, the fighters you recieve from The Vault only work with carriers, so me and my cruiser don't get to use them.
If they only work with Carriers explain how I see Fed ships launch them.