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02-17-2011, 12:39 AM
Just wondering if the multiple answer text that we sometime see in missions (most recent is the engineer side quest in Cloaked Intentions: Mine Enemy) where it cycles through each answer and you need to select the correct answer; will it be added as part of the branching dialogue?

Is there any answer on if our missions will give out xp or rewards for completion? I would like to see that made possible.

Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Longer Term Foundry Goals
The following features are also being tracked for future updates, but will take some time before they will be completed.
  • Improved ways for authors to collaborate on projects
  • Author rating based on overall ratings of missions they’ve created
  • Web access to searching Foundry-generated missions

Map Editor – Future Goals
  • Create fully customized interior layouts from room and hallway pieces
  • Place lights directly on a map
  • Use a random name generator for contacts and actors
  • Placing “anomaly” crafting nodes into maps
  • Custom behaviors for encounters (custom AI)
  • Placement of auto-generated civilian populations
  • The ability to create custom planetary surface (exterior) maps
  • 3-D visualization while editing to improve placement of details
  • “Make a random map” option to speed up map creation

Mission Editor – Future Goals
  • Give the player quest items used by the mission
  • The ability to create content that takes place on the player’s own “bridge” interior
  • Custom cut scenes as part of the mission

Other Uses of Foundry Content
  • Using Foundry to create custom starship bridge and ship interiors
  • Using Foundry to create custom starbase interiors
  • Using Foundry to create PvP maps
  • Using Foundry to create Fleet Action maps

As you can see - there are a lot of great features coming for the Foundry. We are already seeing great missions with the features we have now and the power of the tools will grow over time while (hopefully) still retaining the simple learning curve.

We look forward to seeing what you can create in the Star Trek Online universe!

Also there's talk in your future development of 3D maps to make placing decor & props easier within the foundry; just like to say totally support this.

I know this isn't a foundry based request but the two do actually lend to each other the possibility of doing this.
Once that has been developed could we maybe get the ability to change the decor on our own ships on the live server? Maybe have a bridge template that is blank and we could then add our own designs using a similar 3D map to select the props and items and place them where we want, maybe with the addition of adding stuff that we can make or receive as rewards to make it more unique? Here's a few ideas along that line:
  • What about an accolade wall display where you can display all of your accolades and hang it in your ready room?
  • Have a console with crew and officer info bio's that cycles thru pictures of your crew
  • Storage: this is a definite must really, have cabinets or something similar where you can store loot instead of going to your bank, maybe have a larger cabinet for larger ships? 50 items min - say 250 items for the largest ships
  • Ability to change the ships interior colour scheme
  • Ability to add decks, rooms, turbo lifts
  • Ability to have a shuttlebay where we can actually board one of our shuttles and depart from our ship
  • Ability to have the viewscreen show us exactly where we are in the system, ie basically a window to outside the ship
  • Ability to pilot our ship from the Captain's Chair, then when we enter a mission it changes to tactical view
  • There would need to be interactive props like chairs consoles etc that would be defined in a separate tab, these would be used by our bridge officers ie sitting down at the helm or using the science station on the bridge.
I think that would go along way in making players feel their ship is their own instead of straight off the factory line and something that is just like every other ship of that class