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02-17-2011, 02:53 AM
What about an accolade wall display where you can display all of your accolades and hang it in your ready room?
Ego stroke?

Have a console with crew and officer info bio's that cycles thru pictures of your crew
Don't care, how does it help anyone make a better mission, Oh, look it's what you wrote about your boFF. Or, you could hit "u".

Storage: this is a definite must really, have cabinets or something similar where you can store loot instead of going to your bank, maybe have a larger cabinet for larger ships? 50 items min - say 250 items for the largest ships
You gotta pay for it.

Ability to change the ships interior colour scheme
Since we can't do maps of our personal ships, no point. You can change interiors BG. or maybe add a nebula or 10.

Ability to add decks, rooms, turbo lifts
Doable now. Maybe not your opinion of the idea, since we can't make corridors/rooms.

Ability to have a shuttlebay where we can actually board one of our shuttles and depart from our ship
Doable now.

Ability to have the viewscreen show us exactly where we are in the system, ie basically a window to outside the ship
Yes, this is a good idea, the INTERIOR BACKGROUNDS are limited to planet side. As for a system view, even black space, is a great thought.

Ability to pilot our ship from the Captain's Chair, then when we enter a mission it changes to tactical view
Why? You wanna view 10 degree of space versus 180 degrees? How is that helpful? You however are keeping true to the perpetual vision of STO, I commend you...

There would need to be interactive props like chairs consoles etc that would be defined in a separate tab, these would be used by our bridge officers ie sitting down at the helm or using the science station on the bridge.
Already doable if you talk about consoles, not chairs in my experience. You Can assign sitting animations and they WILL get up and attack you.