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# 1 Captain's log...
02-17-2011, 04:41 AM
Captain's Log, we've been ordered to remove Zantil extremists from a former Federation installation code-named the "Draconis facility". Draconis was previously used to gather intelligence on the Zantil's activities.

I am forced to wonder, given the bases well camoflauged seat in the local asteroid field, why Starfleet Intelligence never bothered to scuttle the base after they evacuated. Perhaps they felt it was highly unlikely the base would ever have been found, but none the less I wish it noted in the record that this situation could have been avoided, had the Intelligence team not been so reckless in leaving an enitre base intact near such a hostile presence.

For the immediate future, I am leading an away team comprised of security chief Ferris and a full squad of security officers to remove the Zantil occupiers.