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02-17-2011, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by Longasc
I am not opposed to a Klingon Delta Flyer, but not just for the sake of "because the Feds have one".
Why not something else - like ships that do not have gimmicky and rather poor special abilities.

Shuttles will *supposedly* get some content, but so far there is not any.

The more shuttles we get, the more they will fill up ship slots. Danube and Type 8 already take up two, soon the Delta Flyer will occupy another slot and in some 30 or so days I will get the Captain's Yacht.

I also want to point out, so far we can't craft the Delta Flyer as Feds yet.
Corrected that for you, it's an important part of the situation. At present the non-400 day player has access to one Klingon shuttle. For the Federation there are four (granted the Type 8 is little more than a glorified Smart Car). Two of those shuttles are, or will very soon, be accessible through gameplay (crafting for the Delta and Emblem grind for the Tal'Kyr) both of which have an extra BO post.

If, as has been suggested, there is to be more Shuttle content, including PvP, then in game balance terms, the Federation have a distinct advantage in having more powerful ships. It's not a matter of "Waah I want their shiney toy!" it's a matter of ensuring game balance between the factions. You can't give one side a bunch of F22s and the other some F86s and expect a balanced playing field.