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02-17-2011, 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
heres the thing. take a hundred star trek fans and some will tell you TNG is rubbish, some will tell you DS9 is rubbish, or voyager, or star trek V or insurrection.

I will admit that ENT is not my fav and there are some issues i have that mean i enjoy it less than the others, but star trek fans tend to be quite polarising in their reviews. if you like it then thats great. dont worry what others say.
I agree; it comes down to one's personal opinion.

Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
i will warn you ENT does take a rather drastic change of pace in season 3. now you may love or hate it. season 4 is probably the best season of the whole run so even if you dont like season 3, keep at it.
Again, I agree; Season 4 was exactly the time when the series started to get its footing. However, I will say that by that time it was a little too late to save the series (especially since I suspect it didn't really have the support of either its network or parent company in the first place).