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# 1 Friend of my Enemy: Backwards?
02-17-2011, 04:40 PM
I feel like I must have commented about this mission at some point early last year, and it seemed like it was a minor problem where the doors to the maps were switched around, but as I'm now going through this for the third time on alts, I see it still hasn't been addressed (or fixed, if that's what it needs).

This mission has your character going to a Federation outpost in the Chiron system to pick up medical supplies for a Romulan colony world on Rashana. No problem, this sounds like something the Federation should be doing. However, it seems like these two systems are completely backwards! The Chiron system is solidly in Romulan space! I can imagine a possible listening post in romulan space (in secret, of course) but nothing openly offering aid from. Even more confusing though, is the romulan colony world in Rashana, which likewise in the middle of Federation territory, on the border of the Bolarus and Z-6 sectors! What is going on here?

Would it not make more sense to make the supply pickup from a federation outpost in Federation space and deliver them to a Romulan world in Romulan territory? Is this just a map flub that has somehow gone completely unnoticed for an entire year?