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02-17-2011, 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by RachelGarrett View Post
Sorry, that is simply not possible, because that would force me to reverse engineer the STO client. It's both illegal and beyond my hacking skills.
? You misunderstood my post maybe ?

I'm talking about adding another button to your app.
Nothing to do with the GameClient whatsoever.

Instead of having one button Labelled "Start" you would have;

1/ Button Labelled "Play". This would simply be "Start" but re-labelled and perform the same function.

2/ A new button Labelled "Record". Almost identical in function to "Play" but the parameters sent to the STO Client would be -demo_movie_save filename
instead of -demo_play filename

-demo_play filename
(used in your app)

-demo_movie_save filename

are legitamate parameters for the STO Game Client! The latter being how anyone, including Cryptic, exports high quality frames from the DemoRecord utility!

EDIT: Thanks for the code correction
I'm not trying to be awkward but this is a lovely app and has much potential to help STO Movie-Makers

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