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02-18-2011, 12:02 AM
To me , the OP is saying "I understand STF's are hard. I understand there is top tier gear that is to be rewarded with hard social work. What I do not understand is why I can't do some OTHER kind of social cooperative activity and get reasonably equivalent in utility (sector space speed) gear without the STF's, ESPECIALLY given their buggy nature".

My answer would be twofold

First, the Aegis set was designed really for fleet crafters. Sure, you can make it solo, but it will take a bit of time. Even a small fleet with a single good crafter who focuses on it can make Aegis for everybody in a (relatively) shorter amount of time. The Aegis set doesn't have the same procs as the Borg, and no, it doesn't offer a Sector Space speed increase. I think as the amount of Crafted Specials and STF gear improves, this will be fixed at some point.

Second, in the larger sense, the top-end most coveted gear in the game is going to be tied up in these hard-raid, multiple social type missions so that those who can complete them have a reason to feel like they've accomplished something. An accolade is great, but it's hardly a visual representation of how much of a bad dude one has become. Someone sporting a full set of Borg attachments is making the statement they have completed the "toughest" the game has to throw. Is that strictly "fair" . . .

Depends on who one asks.