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02-18-2011, 01:20 AM
Originally Posted by JohoCrol
? You misunderstood my post maybe ?

I'm talking about adding another button to your app.
Nothing to do with the GameClient whatsoever.

Instead of having one button Labelled "Start" you would have;

1/ Button Labelled "Play". This would simply be "Start" but re-labelled and perform the same function.

2/ A new button Labelled "Record". Almost identical in function to "Play" but the parameters sent to the STO Client would be -demo_movie_save filename
instead of -demo_play filename

-demo_play filename
(used in your app)

-demo_movie_save filename

are legitamate parameters for the STO Game Client! The latter being how anyone, including Cryptic, exports high quality frames from the DemoRecord utility!

EDIT: Thanks for the code correction
I'm not trying to be awkward but this is a lovely app and has much potential to help STO Movie-Makers

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Ohhh.... Are you telling me, that there is a command-line switch, that would do the trick? My bad! Didn't know about that one. Have been using Fraps (very painful to guarantee a stable framerate).

Of course, that is a great idea, and I'll make the change ASAP.