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02-18-2011, 04:23 AM
If a group is getting rolled on any stf they need to ask themselves why they are and a lot of other ppl arnt.

There are purple mk XI gear out there now, are you using them or are you still packing white mk VIII into battle like I see a lot of ppl doing? Do you normally bring a bb gun to do a bank robery because thats what I see waiting at sibiran.

If your char isnt specd right it wont matter what your packing, your going to get rolled too. Half these missions are ground based and if you place all your points into ships because you "like to pvp" then expect to get rolled on the ground.

A balanced char with intelligent choices in skills and the right gear can walk thru any stf they have made so far with minimal effort. If someone cant then they obviously have to take an overall look at their char creation and adjust as needs dictate. This game is in a constant state of change and chars need to adjust to those changes with skills and equipment modifications suited to the goals.