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02-18-2011, 05:02 AM
"Reasons Why You Should Play Star Trek Online"

- Foundry: yes, but it's not real here yet

- Featured Episodes: most certainly yes

- Diplomacy: if you have not yet played the diplomatic missions yes, even though 99% of the grind is old exploration *scan 5 clickies* content, but still, yes it is a reason to play the game if you haven't allready done that.

- New Sector Space not realy a reason to *play*

- Improved Crafting ...i guess i would give half a point here, the loot has gotten better but the actual grinding for crafting materials is still as boring -> loot as a reason to play same boring old content again and again? when the new exploration system appears i'll accept this point, but not yet.

- Real Klingon Content: i agree, 8 of the best Missions in game and all the Weekly Episodes. the KDF may not have as many PvE missions as the Federation, but they most certainly have all the BEST missions in the game, "Quality > Quantity".
"taken care of" NO! But i agree that the KDF content is a "reason to play" so yes this point does count.

- Mission Replay: no, not yet anyway. It's a nice to have option, but replaying old content is not a reason to play, especially if it is not scaling to your level.
"Remastered Episodes" would be a clear yes, even though there is only one yet, but that isn't what he said.

- Dabo: >24 hours of clicking one button to get a reward that lasts 15 minutes and is only visual fluff anyway is not what i'd call a "reason to play". clear NO.
The Chase Masterson VO is the only excuse for Dabo to even exist.

- Graphics Changes.... wasn't Sector Space just a Graphics Change? We allready had that point... so he realy only lists 9 reasons to begin with.
And no, a few new graphics make me happy but are not a "reason to play" by itself.

- Ship Interiors
if anybody get's sucked into this game because that guy said something about ship interriors i feel the need to apologize to that individual.
this is one of the few features the Dev's just threw our way completely unfinished only so that the people on the Forum would finally shut up about it.
And hell 5 people out of 500 are even OK with what we got there, the other 495 are still waiting for something better or accepted that we will never have accurate Galaxy/Intrepid/Sovereign/Defiant Class interriors. And to top it off Cryptic is making a TOS interrior which will be in the C-Store of course.
Cryptic, how about you make a function that you can actually be proud of before milking us for money?

yeah... and that are all his points, sorry that the last one had to be a rant, but come on you know it's true.

so let's count.
i am at 4.5 of his 10 points that are realy 9 points anyway.