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02-18-2011, 06:03 AM
Originally Posted by Cooter1978
Maybe it would't be posible but annyway i want to put this up.
Is it posible next to holodeck and the test server to make an gameplay from out a bridge game based.
That you do the same but you don't see the universe from outside but from inside the ship .
It should be an smaller gameworld and if they make it like BC just tell your helmsman where you want to go.
in stead of clicking a map but if ah the mission says go to Delta Folaris tell your helmsman to lay in coordinates and say warp to the system then do the normal thing controll the bridge or prepare your mission in your ready room what ever you like to do as an captain .
Should be fun to choose whether you want to play STO in Exterior mode or Interior mode .
Well maybe Cryptic want to take a look at this maybe they wont....
I saw it somewhere and thought WOW some idea so that why I posted it on the forum.

Well just give your opinion about this !!! Greets Jetal
Congrats for spotting one of the most sort after features on STO. It's in the works. D Stahl wants it, but it will take a long time to generate the game mechanics. Do0wn the pipeline.

Hope your enjoying everything else STO has to offer.