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Originally Posted by Admiral_Emerson View Post
Short term suggestions
Add more rooms to the Starships, such as a brig in Starfleet ships (Never understood why they didn't put one in in the first place.), Stellar cartography, Science lab, Conference room (It makes a guest appearance in the Breen), Shuttle bay, Cargo Bay, Holo deck (This one can also be a mid/long term if you want to make it functional).

mid term suggestions
I'm not sure if it's been brought up yet, though I'm pretty sure it can't be done in the game. (Though if I'm wrong please inform me) I'd like the ability to assign my bridge officer's to actual positions on the ship. Eg. My commander tactical officer on board my Galaxy Class starship can take on the assignment of Executive Officer (First officer for you non military savvy readers), while the Science officer with the medical based skills gets assigned to the position of Chief Medical Officer. In turn you should be able to see them in their respective elements while walking around your ship. (eg, the Chief of Engineering is in the Engine room, while the Chief medical Officer is in sick bay and the Chief of Security is in the Brig [office not cell :p ].

Add the ability to socialize with your bridge officer's. Maybe give the ability to develop relation ships with the officer's, like become ones best friend, or perhaps marry an officer. (though if you want to stop at just the socializing I would understand.)

The ability to walk around on Earth, you at least get a small area on Qo'nos to walk around, so why not earth.)

Long Term Suggestions
Playable Romulan Faction
Race idea's

Playable Cardassian Faction
Race Ideas
Jem Hedar
Bajoran - Stranger things have happened in Star Trek

Here's a Faction idea that I don't think has been discussed (Though if I'm wrong forgive me), How about The Inter Stellar Consortium? It would give the guys at cryptic liberties with their racial makeup as they've never been touched on aside from the Star Trek miniature ship battle game, and the first two Starfleet Command games.
I said the same thing about the Starfleet Universe races. It's already known where their space lies (ISC is in the Beta Quadrant beyond the Romulan Star Empire and Gorn Hegemony/Confederation for instance) their ships are already designed and their histories/allegiances have already been established. I don't think I'd want to see the Mirak Star League though, I'd want to see them in their original Kzinti form.