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02-18-2011, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by filbones View Post
The weary battle cry of the klingons. More More More. It's becoming a defaning roar from the Omega Leonis Sector.
I to want this, But quite whinning and kill somthing.
The only way we can make it happen is by playing more klingon content.
We learned this lesson well from the feds, too well it seems.
I imagine our upcries for more will cease when thier upcries for more do.

Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
Since the Klinks have had hell open up in an episode chain, I think it is time there are some mission chains that center around the Gorn, Orions, Letherians, and Nausicaans. Missions involving the Orions could be handed out by Melanie D’ian and revolve around Syndicate plots. Missions involving the Gorn could be handed out by the Gorn King Slaash (or however his name is spelled). Missions involving the Nausicaans could be quashing rebel troops and other acts of brazen piracy against the Empire. I would like to also see a set exploring more about the mysterious Letherians, perhapse even a visit to their homeworld.
This is an excellent idea. Its time we saw a glimpse into the other raqces attached to the KDF Empire.

To the OP, be more specific please.
What type of missions would you like to see that could be added to the game and not something that could be created in the foundry.

A series of Patrol style missions would be nice, similiar to what the feds posses in thier sectors.