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02-18-2011, 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by Alextar

the foundry is good, because it lets the community amuse themselves by making missions, new twists and ideas when no real new content is coming out by the developers. For myself, I'll get more into the whole making my own content, when I have my favourite STO race as a faction, the Romulans.

Personally, I think cryptic should invest in making all the factions playable ASAP, even if it is only a bare bones faction similar to how the Klingons started out. Is it ideal, no. But, neither is having to wait 2-3 years for the third faction. I'm glad I'm a Romulan fanboy, because I would hate having to be a Cardassian or Dominion fanboy...projected playable faction is probably a decade from now.

All I'm saying is the foundry is a great idea, but another great idea would be allowing everyone to be able to play for the faction they love, even at the most basic level...for as user generated content shows, players have a way of keeping themselves amused if you give them the basic tools to do so.

So, until the Romulans come out, I'll be staying off line testing out other game options.
I agree, it sucks being a Cardassian fanboi

Its been a year and there is no sign of a Cardassian faction and no chance to play one that isn't an alien that looks as much like a Cardassian as possible. And waiting 2 more years isn't really an option unless something major changes in the game so in 2 years it is the must play mmo out in the market I can't see myself waiting around for that length to get to play the faction I want. Which is a shame cause the early pre-release videos clearly showed Cardassians and gave the impression they would be fully playable.

More annoying perhaps is that a slight problem with the colours on jackets for Federation is a major issue, the complete lack of additonal uniforms such as Romulan or Cardassian or even Klingon for that matter is ignored. It would be nice to get some feedback from the devs that yes they haven't the staff available to add these factions but they will be added to the C-store so they can be played if you wish even though its part of one of the big factions.