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Originally Posted by MynOpias View Post
One quick question for you actually if you don't mind: whilst, for example, the Energy Weapon Efficiency skill has no effect on my weapon power in attack mode, would I benefit from it during combat due to my power levels being lowered with each attack, often ending up <50?
The Power Traits, Skills and Consoles effect only power settings. Those items don't directly affect the power levels of your subsystems.. Power levels are affected by power boosts (i.e. Batteries), power drains (e.g. firing energy weapons, Beam: Target Subsystem X, Beam Overload X, etc). and power drain resistance(e.g. Nadion Inversion).

Power Boosts will directly +X to the power level of the subsystem(s) *up to the limit of their power setting). Power Drains will directly remove -X from the power level of the subsystem(s). Power Drain Resistance will reduced the magnitude of any power drains. For example 50% power drain resistance would reduce the -50 Power Drain of a Beam Overload attack to -25.

Power Settings are different from Power Levels. Power levels change at a natural rate of +/- 5 power/second. So when you shift power scheme (i.s. Speed to Offense), the power settings change instantly to their new values. But the power levels only change at the Power Transfer Rate. That means it would take 10 seconds (50 / 5) for Weapons Power to recover after a Beam Overload attack (-50 Weapon Power). EPS Flow Regulator Engineering Console will increase the Power Transfer Rate. (Note: Drains from Energy Weapon firing are an exception to the above mechanics. The Power Drain from an energy weapon firing is restored instantly after the firing cycle of the weapon finishing.)

And to further illustrate Power Settings and Power levels let us take the Red Matter Capacity (RMC) console. The RMC will adding +25 Power Settings to each subsystem. However, that leave a 25 power void Normally It would take the ship 5 seconds to fill up that void (Power Transfer Rate of 5 power /second). That isn't very useful in combat as the power setting bonus only lasts 10 seconds. However, the RMC will also add +25 Power to each system to instantly fill that power void. So you instance have higher power settings and the power levels to go along with them.