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Originally Posted by Xiaza View Post
LotD are you really going to argue that it's not logical for a Romulan to want revenge? You know they are all about passion(good and bad) with a bit of paranoia right?
It's perfectly logical to want revenge. The problem is that the Romulans in question have suddenly found themselves in the past, which changes everything. The logical reaction is for them to rejoice at having the chance to stop the looming catastrophe and save everyone they thought they lost. I would expect them to forget all about Spock as they proceed to do everything they can to change history so the destruction of Romulus doesn't occur. The conflict should be that Spock appears and doesn't want history changed.

Moreover, why do they want revenge against Spock, the one person who tried to help them? Especially to the point of wanting to make Spock watch the destruction of Vulcan, and then proceed to go on a genocidal rampage against every other Federation planet. And for the kind of intense hatred required for that sort of thing to last 25 years of just sitting there.

Originally Posted by Xiaza View Post
As to the aspect of why he waited around for 25 years. . . ignoring the bit about the Klingon prison camp that didn't make into the film. . . He needed to get Spock's ship to get the Red Matter to go about taking that revenge. 200 years advanced or not his ship would only be able to do so much before a more united fleet would have been pulled together that would have been able to take him out.
How do you figure that? He destroyed an entire Federation fleet in a matter of minutes and was thoroughly stomping their newest and most advanced starship when it showed up late. Considering the original Enterprise supposedly had the firepower to destroy a planet by itself, should not Nero's have more than what was required?

He's even got a drill on his ship capable of drilling all the way to a planet's core. Who needs red matter at that point?

Further, if he goes to Romulus, he can not only stop the supernova but he can give them the future tech and then he has his own armada of super-ships.

Originally Posted by Xiaza View Post
As to why he didn't go warn the Romulans I would imagine he knew exactly what would happen if he showed up at his home planet. . . The Empire would have taken his ship from him and began to break it down in order to duplicate the advanced technology. He would never have been able to take his personal revenge.

Aside from that he was a miner and was very likely looked down upon. . . he may not have even cared if Romulus had been destroyed if his family hadn't been there. Life tends to suck in the Romulan Empire unless you're in the Military or Government.
How are they going to do anything but bow down before his superior might? He's got a ship capable of destroying entire fleets. If they refuse, he can simply slaughter the leadership and take over. It worked for Shinzon, and he wasn't even a Romulan.