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02-18-2011, 07:35 PM
Originally Posted by MynOpias View Post
This is what I am questioning, though. In my experience the power level is not restored after the firing cycle, despite having a 110 power setting I am never above a power level of 40 or 50 in a battle due to my beam arrays firing. And I have checked to make sure I'm not missing it going higher.
The drain for weapon fire is instant. The isseu you are seeing is because the weapon fire is starggered instead of everythign at the same instant. And if you are using mixed energy weapon types, the length of the firing cycle is different for each weapon. And also the number of weapons you are firing also enter into the mix. As you can see there are lot of complex interactions going on.

Nanorak has a thread in which he has done a lot of work in mapping out weapon fire, weapon power, number of weapons, etc to get overall DPS chart for a wide range of conditions. And he has also written a Ship DPS calculator which takes skills, weapons, power levels, etc into account to calculate DPs for you ships. As soon as I find them, I link them into this post.