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Hello everyone,

I am a newcomer to this MMO (just started two days ago) and I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself briefly (I think I am in the proper section of the forums).

The initial state of the game at launch refrained me from subscribing but as I recently saw very positve reviews of the game evolutions, I decided to give it a go.

I am really enjoying the game both graphically and the contents are both challenging and easy to handle. I appreciate the complexity of having to deal, not only with your Captain's carrier but also with managing your crew and your ship. It is the kind of complexity that I miss in other MMOs and that I expected from STO.
I am not a Star Trek fan at all, but anyway, I saw a few episodes from the original show as well as from the Next Gen (or is it New Gen ?) spin-off and I know the basics about Star Trek universe and characters.

I hope to meet some of you in game and share some fun. I wish you very pleasant adventures in this game. Enjoy it, as there are very few MMOs set in space. Fly safe
Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to thank everyone for the mature behavior on the forums. I really appreciate that most people provide calm and constructive posts with very few trolling, flaming and ranting. It is really different from many MMOs i am used to play (yes **** and EVE, I am talking about you ;-) ), and it gives a stronger feeling of being part of a welcoming community. Congratulations and keep on the good spirit

Brief IRL intro: first of all, I am French so sorry if my English is not perfect. I am also somewhere in between a casual player and a committed one, due to a very demanding job that does not leave me with enough time to play video games (too bad :-) ).