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02-19-2011, 02:43 AM
Originally Posted by Vesko
Ohh no again. Cryptic 2 downtime in 2 day and today is Saturday. Thank you very much, your game is almost unplayble during the weekend in Europe. You could patch this with yesterday patch , but no it should be today
Totally agree. Thumbs down for Cryptic. There was a maintenance issue yesterday and the server was down for over 3 hrs. Now there's a patch to yesterday's patch and another downtime on the weekend. Last two weekends there were also downtimes for maintenance. This is seriously a concerning pattern.

I have been saying before that I appreciate the amount of work that gets done in the sidelines but I changed my mind. I know there are some people who would disagree but just my opinion that this organization don't know what the heck to do to please clients. In any other business models they'll be either bankrupt or shut down by now.
This is not the exception but the rule to totally disregard public concern an have downtimes on the weekend (time where most people play) rather than a Mondays or other weekdays. This product is constantly bugged an unworthy of lifetime subscriptions due to disregard to good customer service.Say what you want and disagree but I had it and canceling my subscription. This is the only way they'd get the message once they see a mass exodus of people leaving this game and have their pockets empty.